Wedding Stationery

Flying Rabbit Press creates and produces one-of-a-kind custom designed and hand printed wedding stationery, collaborates on design with artist, designers, brides, and grooms, and provides letterpress printing for couples who have a design of their own or are working with a designer or artist.

A selection of designs that can be personalized (as opposed to full custom one-of-a-kind design) are currently being developed. Some of these designs are available now, but do not yet appear on the website. Please get in touch if you are interested in personalized stationery!

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With so many variables in custom work (i.e.: quantity, number of individual pieces in the suite, envelope choices, number of ink colors, paper selected, and so on), the price range is rather wide. Accounting software is used to maintain consistency when drafting the estimate for your personal combination.   


Custom designed and hand printed stationery takes longer than personalized digitally printed stationery does. When creating a one-of-a-kind custom design for you, I prefer to allow 6-8 weeks for design work, giving you time to review design drafts and revisions without a lot of pressure. That said, design can sometimes be completed in as little as 3-4 weeks if my design and production schedules are light, there are not many pieces, the necessary information is available, and we are able to respond to each other quickly throughout the process. Once design work is complete (or when you provide me with press-ready design files if I’m not designing for you) your stationery will ready in 2-3 weeks. Rush production may be available at additional cost.

  • Consultation – We talk about what your needs and desires are (in person when possible, because it allows us to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time, and offers the added benefit of being able to handle printed samples of my work and some of the paper choices available).
  • Estimate – You receive an estimate based on our discussion.
  • Deposit Invoice + Payment – If you are happy with the estimate and want to move forward, a deposit invoice for 50% of the estimate is sent. If the estimate exceeds your budget, or you’ve changed your mind about some things, we discuss ways to make a better fit, and a revised estimate is sent to you.
  • Design Work – Once the deposit payment has been made design work begins. If you are providing design files, I connect with your designer, ask you to send the design files you have purchased to me, or talk with you about designing for letterpress printing and preparing files for platemaking if you are creating your own design.
    For Custom Design
    (if you are providing design files, skip to “materials”)
    • Invitation Design Drafts – Up to three custom-designed drafts/versions of your invitation are shared with you.
    • Choose Your Invitation – You choose the design that speaks to you and we talk about any tweaks or changes needed to make it just right.
    • Revised Invitation Design – When changes are needed, a revised draft of the chosen invitation is shared with you.
    • Invitation Design Approval – Once the invitation design has been approved, design work begins on any other pieces included in the invitation mailing suite (ie: reply card, reception card, accommodations card, etc.).
    • Mailing Suite Design Drafts – Drafts of the additional pieces in the invitation mailing suite are shared with you for approval or revision discussion.
    • Revisions – Changes are made where necessary.
    • Mailing Suite Design Approval – When all pieces of the invitation mailing suite are just right, you approve the invitation mailing suite design. 
  • Materials – Printing plates and any other materials required are ordered.
  • Production – Inks are mixed, presses are cranked, and your stationery takes physical form.
  • Finishing – All the pieces are trimmed to size and any other finishing work is done (i.e.: scoring, hand work, wax seals, etc.)
  • Final Invoice – Your final invoice (including adjustments for any changes made during the process) is sent to you. The final invoice can be paid when you pick up your stationery or prior to shipping.
  • Day Of Items If we are working on day-of paper items (ie: program, menu, escort cards, etc), the design process begins again for those (these may be estimated and invoiced separately or as part of the whole package, in which case the invoice you receive when the invitation mailing suite is completed will be a progress invoice, not a final invoice).

A printable version of this page can be downloaded here.

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