Things to Know

Letterpress is time and labor-intensive

This is because every step is done by hand. Custom ink colors are mixed to match by hand. The press is set up to print by hand. Depending on which press is in use, either paper is fed into a hand-cranked press one sheet at a time, or a slightly more automated press is constantly monitored through its mechanical process. The presses only print one color at a time, so pieces printed with two or more colors go through the press again and again for each additional color. The presses are cleaned by hand. Stationery is trimmed to size in small stacks on a guillotine cutter. And, of course, all finishing work is done by hand.

High-quality papers and inks are worth their cost

With so much time and energy going into the production of each piece, it only makes sense to use high-quality materials. Yes, they cost a bit more, but the results are exponential. Flying Rabbit Press chooses sustainably grown and/or recycled cotton, hemp, and bamboo papers that highlight the crisp impression and tactile experience of letterpress printing.

If you’re doing some of the work

Here is more information about designing for letterpress, preparing Adobe Illustrator files for letterpress printing, scanning and processing artwork and hand lettering for letterpress printing, scoring and trimming by hand using trim marks / crop marks, dusting and cleaning acrylic glazing, and more, including pdfs you may download and print.

Print-Friendly PDF Downloads

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