Studio Updates

  • Edge gilding on thick cardstock.

    Gilding the Edges

    Applying gold leaf to the edges of paper is not something that I ever imagined I’d be doing. It’s a slow and finicky process, which suggests that I should have counted on doing it at some point, since I tend to gravitate toward that sort of thing. It’s worth the time it takes once you have the […]

  • The Finished Wedding Stationery

    This beautiful wedding stationery was designed by the bride, Michelle Butindaro. The printing was done here at Flying Rabbit Press; the text in black, and the accents in a subtle iridescent purple. You may have seen the photo of it in progress in the last post. After the printing and trimming were completed, Michelle adhered […]

  • Busy, busy.

    The last few weeks have had me cranking the press regularly. Here’s a sneak peek of a couple of projects, with more to come soon.      

  • Letterpress Goes Folk

    Okay, sure, letterpress probably already fell into some version of the “folk” genre, but Gillian Welch has made it official again on Tuesday when she released her new album, The Harrow & The Harvest. The beautiful cover illustration by John Dyer Baizley was letterpress printed at Aardvark Letterpress in California. Taking it one step further, […]

  • UW Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award designed by Colleen O'Hara, and printed at Flying Rabbit Press.

    Distinguishably Letterpress

    This spring I had the honor of printing and framing the Wisconsin Alumni Association‘s Distinguished Alumni Awards for the second year in a row. The design, by Colleen O’Hara, is simple, clean, and elegant. The awards are letterpress printed on Rives BFK cotton rag paper, which is torn down to size by hand, and then […]

  • Holiday Note Card - Letterpress Candle

    Make That 25% Off

    Letterpress printed Holiday Note Cards are ON SALE from December 20 – 24th! Receive 25% off of your total purchase when you buy note cards from the Etsy store. Enter coupon code XMAS25 at check out. Note cards are available in single, five (5), or ten (10) packs.